Ever Hear of NCAR ? Well Read On…Hint its not No. Carolina

FACT: Energy generated by a wind turbine, solar panel, or any other source must be promptly consumed because large amounts of electricity cannot be stored in a cost-effective manner. WindEnergyEventGraph

The good news…NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) has developed highly detailed observations of atmospheric conditions with an series of powerful computer models, and artificial intelligence techniques, that result in high-resolution forecasts for wind farm sites so they can maximize weather events for Eco-energy production.

Windmills - Getty images

Windmills – Getty images

Here is a very interesting article about the good work NCAR is doing.  Check it out, maybe they can help wind energy generation in your state/company/city/county/country.  The article features a little bragging by the Colorado energy company, Xcel Energy, who is using the computer advantage, but you can put up with that, this computer program development is a great development.

Be involved.

AND- FYI…The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research manages the National Center for Atmospheric Research under sponsorship by the National Science Foundation.  One more example of how Funding for NSF is important after all, despite some legislators comments.

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