See Global Warming on NASA Site

The NASA web site has a feature where you can see the global warming progression from 1884 through last year, 2012.  It is astonishing, especially the change just from 1966 through 2012 …very scary.  What we are leaving our grandchildren and great grandchildren in our wake is not pretty.  Global Temperatures 1966Coastal cities all over the globe could soon be in jeopardy from the rising sea levels.

Global Temperatures 2012

Global Temperatures 2012

Deniers with an ignorance of facts about global warming need to be educated. 

Media deniers need to be sanctioned, (they have no ignorance excuse). 

We are not that far in time from seeing the rising sea costing us billions of dollars in flooding prevention …where even possible… in our most populous coastal cities.  It will be a fight between urban communities vs. rural residents. 

And, if population continues counted only every 10 years (U.S. Census) and gerrymandering  continues to be legal, then it will eventually get very ugly.

(gerrymander: :1. to divide (a territorial unit) into election districts to give one political party an electoral majority in a large number of districts while concentrating the voting strength of the opposition )in as few districts as possible.) NASA GlobalClimateChange

With today’s technology the population location and count (census) could be done via technology and allow our elections to be truly reflective of changing population movement.  We need to be able to react fast to all changes in our world, and we are smart enough to know how…we just aren’t smart enough to elect politicians to do what we need done. 

Members of the House of Representatives are elected every 2 years, their districts are only adjusted every 10 years after the census.  Imagine the damage that can be done to U.S. citizens by Representatives in 5 terms (= 10 years)  in the House of Representatives through gerrymandered districts.  Well, actually you don’t need to imagine, just look at what the U.S. House has done this year…nothing.  This timing worked when we traveled by horse and the news by teletype.  The world moved slower then, but …those days are gone… our system needs some tweeking to keep up with 21st Century technology,  and serve we citizens’ needs more effectively.

Congress (a term that means both the House of Representatives and Senate) continues to only do stuff they are either paid to do by corporations, or make their constituents feel good while they are dooming their constituency to the consequences resulting from wrongheadedness.

Get involved, vote, be informed, and read…yes read…you won’t get educated via TV.  Get some kind of ID card if you must… now in advance… and don’t be denied your voice.

Casualmere® Mens t-shirt construction detail

Casualmere® Mens t-shirt construction detail

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