Back To School Students – Think About Green Careers

Most students in High School and College are asked the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”.  In our experience many are unsure …but when asked they do care about the Earth, its health, our environment and social responsibility.  So why not consider Green jobs?



There are several Green career paths now, and many being added yearly.  For instance, the solar industry is growing rapidly and likely has the largest potential for growth both in the U.S. and globally.  Many European countries are already approaching total solar electrical generation.

Tesla Motors is changing the way we think about automobiles and elimination of the internal combustion engine.  Alternative energy engine cars, trucks and public transportation vehicles will be more and more dependent on electricity and/or solar power generation in your lifetime.

Many communities are heavily invested in re-cycling of waste, and independent partner companies are making use of this raw resource.  New product creation from waste is constantly being added to by creative

The Daily Green website has an interesting article about 5 fastest growing jobs students can consider for Green careers.  I am sure there are many more career paths that are, or will be, growing fast by the time graduation rolls around for many students.

Many existing careers can be approached by specializing in Green business.  Consider a Eco-business law practice, accounting practice, publicity/marketing specialist, journalism, travel, and almost any other skilled careen can be pointed to Green specialization.

We do know that daily enjoyment in one’s job is a sure prescription to a good and long life.  So students, give a Green career you attention, it is smart in many ways.

100% bamboo jersey knit shirt for her in Cobalt Blue.

100% bamboo jersey knit shirt for her in Cobalt Blue.

We try to do our part by making shirts out of Eco-friendly 100% bamboo fabric.  The resulting fabric is soft, gives brilliant colors, breathes, and wicks moisture and odor, and is washable.  And bamboo, as a fabric source, is so much more Earth friendly than cotton it is embarrassing… for cotton growers.

Bamboo requires no fertilizers, no pesticides, and no excessive watering to thrive, and we can harvest a “forest” of bamboo for fabric production every 3-4 years.  Conversely, 25% of all pesticides made are used for cotton production, heavy fertilizers are required for a successful crop, and in most cotton growing areas heavy irrigation is needed too. (See  Aral Sea for an extreme example of cotton irrigation damage.)

So, good luck and look for a Green career, its a growth industry.


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