Why Can’t We Learn Not to Burn for Energy? Frackquake!

Too often we hear ‘Fracking will make us energy independent’…so will cutting down all our forests, burning coal ’till we die of emphysema, drilling for more oil – as if that is useful…why do we insist on burning stuff for energy?  deforestationWe are smart enough to generate needed energy via solar, wind, tidal, and other non-burn methods, so all we need is the commitment to do it.  It comes down to …are we smart enough to work around the oil industries we have made so wealthy and powerful and stop burning?…not yet we’re not.

Windmills - Getty images

Windmills – Getty images

Are we smart enough to support smaller industries that are trying to generate clean energy, well a few of us are, but too few so far.  Are you one of them?  Are you at least doing a little something, maybe investing in a 40+MPG car until you have a good alternative for your driving distance needs?  Have you priced solar panels for any use in your life, home or work?

I like to consider today’s grandchildren and what they will think of us when they look back and wonder what grandpa & grandma did when needed energy habit changes was obvious.

100% bamboo jersey knit shirt for her in Cobalt Blue.

100% bamboo jersey knit shirt for her in Cobalt Blue.

We try to do our little part by making shirts from a natural product that requires No pesticides (thus the energy needed to product them), No fertilizers (thus no energy needed to transport and produce them), No excessive watering (thus no depletion of needed fresh water everywhere, and No excessive soil disturbance through plowing (thus no need for the gasoline or diesel fuel burning to run the tractor).  And wonderfully, bamboo fabric is great for the skin, soft, dyes beautifully, breathes, wicks moisture and odor, and is washable.  All this and bamboo is a ‘Carbon Sink‘ too! Wonderful.

Frackquakes in Ohio

Frackquakes in Ohio

Here is a link to an interesting article about earthquakes resulting from Fracking taking place in Ohio… read it you who think burning is the only answer.  (Sigh…) it’s so easy to be a naysayer.  Similiar Frackquakes have been happening in Texas and likely more locales here in the good ‘ol U.S.A.


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