Rainforests – 50 Great Facts…Thank U Huff-Post, A Must See

Anticancer % plants in rain forest so far.Few of us think we have time to read long articles (even though we have plenty of time to Tweet), so here is a great info graphic from Huffington Post, with some interesting Eco-pertinent information about rainforests and their importance.

The info-graphic was produced by Giraffe childcare and early learning in Dublin.

Our contribution to rain forests is by making our Casualmere® shirts from rainforest-equivalent bamboo groves, that renew themselves every 3-4 years into forest size growths, and generate even more oxygen from carbon dioxide than rainforest trees generate, by half again as much.  After you check out the info-graphic on Huff-Post then go to www.casualmere.com and check out our 100% bamboo tees and shirts.

5309 Olive Grey LS women's 100% bamboo top

5309 Olive Grey LS women’s 100% bamboo top

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