Micro-Grids – a New and Great Power Source Idea…Happening Now

If you’ve read up on our country’s ancient power grid you know it is vulnerable to weather, miscellaneous power outages, hacking, and ancient technology breakdowns and is unreliable  in general.  Of course this is very great worry since without your reliable source of power you could not even be reading this! …and that would be sad.

Solar MicroGrid ProjectRecent violent weather and hurricane Sandy devastation in the East coast states of New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and the accompanying massive power outages have awakened power grid concerns and fostered a new idea…Micro-Grids.

We like to report to our followers interesting articles and developments regarding our climate, the earths ecology, including clean power developments in solar, electric and other Eco-power developments, and this Micro Grid article is a good one.

path through bamboo grass

Bamboo grove making oxygen

Writer Bobby Magill on the Climate Central.org web site has written a comprehensive 2 part article about this smart new development, and the hurdles it is encountering in various local and state government entities as well as monopolistic (to this point) power companies whose lack of vision has caused this weak power grid situation.

Royal Blue Long sleeve T-shirt

Royal Blue Long sleeve 100% bamboo T-shirt

We at Casualmere® do our little bit by making beautiful bamboo T-shirts from Eco-friendly bamboo that grows with no fertilizers, no pesticides, no excessive watering or soil disturbance.  Further bamboo groves convert 150% more Carbon dioxide to breathable Oxygen than a forest of trees of comparable size.

Not only that the bamboo fabric is beautiful, great against the skin perfect for layering in cold weather, it breathes, it wicks moisture and odor, and is washable…tell you friends and turn them on to the Climate Central web site too.


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