5 Things We’re Glad Bamboo Isn’t – Thanks From Bamboo Shirts

Panda family dinner on bamboo

  1. Bamboo isn’t grown using any fertilizers or chemicals, like cotton is.
  2. Growing Bamboo needs no insecticides, cotton growth uses 25% of all insecticides made.
  3. Bamboo isn’t grown using heavy irrigation, depleting increasingly scarce water resources.
  4. Bamboo groves aren’t destroyed in harvesting needing re-plowing each year, root rhizomes re-grow it in 3-4 years, unlike most other crops.
  5. Bamboo used for Casualmere® bamboo shirts isn’t the same species as Panda food.

Bamboo Plant ImageWe make 100% bamboo shirts, aren’t you glad.

When you feel bamboo fabric you will know a great thing that bamboo IS…a great source for fabric.


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LS OLG Panda fullHere is a panda enjoying a snack.

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