Casualmere Bamboo Shirts reads that Climate Future Bleak- Needs Action

Study shows…The climate — which has been warming during the past century in response to man-made pollution and natural variability — will be radically different from average conditions during the 1860-2005 period.

Changs in Average Temperatures and projected changes.

Changes in Average Temperatures and projected changes.

If you are 20 years old this means when you are 67 and ready to retire and enjoy your grand kids, it could be climate nasty.  All should be involved in efforts to improve our environment now, for the sake of your retirement, or your kids adult life, and especially for your grand-children’s survival.

University_of_Hawaii_sealThe study, by a team from the University of Hawaii, led by professor Mora who states “We analyzed every single model that has been developed so far,” Mora said. “All of that data is telling us…pretty soon we’re going to be facing unprecedented climate.”


Climate Central’s Andrew Freeman condensed the study for non-academics in an article posted on Huffington post.  It’s not short but it is important to us all.

NASA LogoHere is a link to (currently closed) NASA site with constantly updated climate information.  Bookmark it for future use when the U.S. is open again.  Lots of good info is always available from NASA.

LS OLG Panda fullAt Casualmere® We try to do our little part for the environment by making shirts from the most Eco-friendly fabric source, 100% bamboo shirts.  Bamboo is the most efficient plant in transforming Carbon into Oxygen, actually 1-1/2 times as efficient as a forest of trees.  Bamboo groves are considered a “Carbon Sink”, since carbon goes in and does not come out.


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