3 Reasons Panda’s Don’t Eat Bamboo Shirts

Three reasons panda’s don’t eat bamboo shirts.Panda family dinner on bamboo

1/  We don’t ship to China.

2/ Local zoo keepers keep wearing the shirts we send for food.

3/  Panda’s don’t like bamboo that is another color, like our shirts.

Oh well…

The Smithsonian National Zoological Park (Now closed due to the U.S. government closing) did a research study on what types of bamboo panda eat.  Evidently the winners are Arrow, Bissetii (sounds like Panda pasta), and Black Bamboo.PandaHavingLunch

And honestly…Casualmere® bamboo shirts are made from a totally different species of bamboo…so we are blameless.

How the Three Bamboo Species Differ; (per the study)

Arrow bamboo has larger leaves and thinner, less woody culms than the other two species, which belong to the same genus… the leaves of both bissetii and black bamboo radiate from many small, forking branches that are attached to the culm.  Arrow bamboo’s leaves grow in the same direction from a single branch attached to the culm, which make it easier for pandas to strip the leaves and create a bundle of leaves.   

LS OLG Panda fullWe guess you could say Arrow bamboo is panda ‘fast food’.

We Casualmere® bamboo lovers celebrate the Panda bamboo lovers by putting their image in rhinestones on our 100% bamboo shirts. Get one.

2 image Black Panda 10159- 288x384


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