2 Huge Benefits of Bamboo Shirts

The two greatest benefits are: Great Fabric Characteristics and an Eco Fabric Source.

Great Fabric Characteristics:
LS OLG Panda fullFirst, 100% bamboo shirt fabric, wicks moisture naturally.  A bamboo T-shirt feels extremely comfortable to wear, never sticky or stale.  The fine bamboo fiber, smaller in diameter than cotton or polyester, even in a heavier shirt than cotton, allows perspiration to evaporate very quickly as it does not hold the moisture.  In fact, evaporation is so fast it does not allow time for bacteria to grow and propagate odor.  Body odor is caused by growth of bacteria in body moisture.  So saying bamboo wicks odor is slightly incorrect, it just wicks moisture so efficiently, little or no odor results.

11x17 In a BlackCasualmereTee copyAnecdotal… since I love black shirts, I wore my Casualmere black 100% bamboo T-shirt while on vacation in the Caribbean, where the weather was 90 degrees hot and humid.  For 4 hours my all bamboo shirt kept me so comfortable (it breathes), and wicked perspiration so well I was able to wear the shirt a second day since it held no odor.  I can’t do that with cotton, and I wouldn’t even think to try in polyester, which I hate.

Secondly. the luxury 100% bamboo shirt fabric is washable.  As a luxury fabric it should be treated gently, washed on gentle, and put in the drier only long enough to remove the heaviest moisture, then hung till dry.  This will eliminate wrinkles.  Take it off the hanger when dry and fold it so the knit does not get hanger marks in the shoulder.  You will love the results.

Third.  Though you should use sun-screen when exposed to the sun’s direct rays, you will find 100% bamboo shirt fabric also aids in screening your skin from penetrating rays.

Fourth:  Bamboo fabric is very skin friendly.  If one has sensitive skin or too much sun, no fabric is more comfortable and soft to the skin than 100% bamboo.  It is often recommended as an excellent fabric for babies wear because of this characteristic.  It is great for bed sheets too.

Casualmere® long sleeve 100% bamboo luxury men's T-shirt

Casualmere® long sleeve 100% bamboo luxury men’s T-shirt

Long sleeve bamboo shirts are great for winter layering too.

Great Fabric Source:
path through bamboo grassBamboo as a fabric source is as Earth friendly as a fabric source can be.  Growing bamboo requires NO insecticides, NO fertilizers, NO excessive watering, and NO excessive soil disturbance from plowing.  All features of bamboo growth that benefit the environment not just locally but globally.  In fact after harvesting a bamboo grove (which actually looks like a forest because of the huge height bamboo grass attains) bamboo renews itself in only 3-4 years for another harvest.

Also, wonderfully, bamboo growth results in 50% more Oxygen by-product put into the air from the plant absorption of carbon dioxide, than a comparable growth area of trees.  Bamboo growth is photosynthesis at its most efficient.

Growing bamboo eliminates the need for all the insecticides and fertilizer chemicals or petroleum by products created by the growth of cotton or production of polyesters.

Casualmere® Mens t-shirt construction detail

Casualmere® Mens t-shirt construction detail

Please keep in mind 100% bamboo knit is a luxury fabric, so it might cost a little more.  But you are doing your part for the health of the Earth while having a luxury garment you can enjoy and be proud to wear.  We strongly suggest you experience for yourself the benefits of 100% bamboo shirts.


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