Shopping Bamboo Shirts for Men

Looking for luxury bamboo shirts for men in you local department store?  Good Luck.  Do you love reading those little mini sized fabric content labels inside shirts while you are shopping?  You’ll need to if you are looking for bamboo fabric.6109 Black Long sleeve bamboo shirt

Likely, at most times, you won’t find any 100% bamboo fabric.  Occasionally you may find 70% bamboo (or less) with 30% cotton.  First, that’s not a luxury bamboo shirt, and it is certainly not 100% luxury bamboo like Casualmere.  Many times these imitators will say ‘bamboo shirt’… really?

We strongly suggest you experience for yourself the benefits of 100% bamboo shirts.  Keep in mind 100% bamboo knit is a luxury fabric, so it might cost a little more.  But your are doing your part for the health of the Earth while having a luxury garment you can enjoy and be proud to wear.

6109 Olive Long sleeve T-shirt from Casualmere® brand bamboo clothing

6109 Olive Long sleeve T-shirt from Casualmere® brand bamboo clothing

We want to wean you from cotton totally, in favor of 100% bamboo T-shirts or luxury bamboo men’s golf shirts.  Cotton growth requires 25% of the world production of insecticides to survive.  That is a lot of chemicals sprayed into our atmosphere.  Cotton growth also requires a huge investment in fertilizers for growing success… more chemicals.  And cotton growth requires so much irrigation there are huge areas in the world where water resources have been decimated by cotton irrigation.  (Search:  Aral Sea. Click the years and watch the water disappear.)

Where do you shop for luxury bamboo T-shirts?  At Casualmere.

Look for 100% bamboo men’s T-shirts in classic style as well as V-neck, fitted styles for the sportier body.  There is a men’s long sleeve bamboo T-shirt also, which is great for winter layering, and all our 100% bamboo shirts  are great for sensitive skin sufferers.  Our best selling style is our 100% bamboo golf shirt which we offer in 7 brilliant colors.  Oh, by the way, bamboo does not fade.

6109 Royal Blue Long sleeve T-shirt from Casualmere® bamboo clothing

6109 Royal Blue Long sleeve T-shirt from Casualmere® bamboo clothing

Casualmere 100% bamboo shirt fabric is washable.  As a luxury fabric it should be treated gently, washed on gentle, and put in the drier only long enough to remove the heaviest moisture, then hung till dry.  This will eliminate wrinkles.  Take it off the hanger when dry and fold it so the knit does not get hanger marks in the shoulder.  You will love the results.

Most 100% bamboo shirts are currently knits, as T-shirts and Golf (polo type) collared knit shirts.  One leading bamboo brand is in development of a luxury bamboo woven dress shirt, the first of its kind.

Casualmere offers women’s T-shirts, in 3 sleeve lengths and many colors, as well as rhinestone panda embellished tops.  First a scoop neck, short sleeve version.  Second a V-neck, cap sleeve version.  And finally a long sleeve, scoop neck version.  All are fashion classics, made in the softest, skin-friendly fabric you will ever experience, and washable.

Casualmere® T-shirt construction features

Casualmere® T-shirt construction features

Classically men’s T-shirts are not luxury wear.  Casualmere® bamboo T-shirts are luxury wear.  Men’s look elegant and successful wearing 100% bamboo.  The fabric has a drape and feel that is special.  Bamboo t-shirts offer the option of T-shirt comfort and ease paired with bamboo elegance, luxury and as a special plus, moisture wicking.

Yes, finally men can be comfortable, and look elegant and successful at the same time.  And, another benefit… our reason for being… Casualmere® is Earth friendly wear.  Made from totally Eco-beneficial, renewable bamboo grass.


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  1. Hey really nice post on mens cotton wear and very innovative trendy wear, thanks for posting and keep updating more.
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