Rhinestone Panda Embellishments Now On Casualmere 100% Bamboo Shirts

Las Vegas based Casualmere 100% bamboo shirts announced their new embellished women’s shirts featuring a rhinestone Panda holding a bamboo stalk, now available on their casualmere.com web site for unique holiday gifting.LS OLG Panda full

“The panda is an iconic image usually associated with its only food, bamboo.” explained Casualmere president, Dennis Fasone.  “So we created a cute rhinestone panda image to apply to our exclusive 100% bamboo shirts for women.  Actually the Panda’s bamboo food is a different type than our fabric source bamboo, but the association is universal.”

One of Casualmere’s corporate goals to to raise awareness of ecological renewable bamboo as a fabric source and to expand understanding of the exceptional features of bamboo fabric.

Panda family dinner on bamboo

Panda family dinner on bamboo

Fasone explains further that bamboo fabric is extremely soft, it wicks moisture and odor, it is washable, and it is a great fabric for sensitive skin.  It is a luxury fabric so it needs gentle care in the laundry room for best long-term results.

“Growing bamboo requires no insecticides, no fertilizers, and no excessive irrigation, unlike cotton.” Fasone said.“

“Bamboo is considered a ‘Carbon Sink’ since a forest size grove of bamboo grass converts 50% more carbon into oxygen than trees, through photosynthesis, during growth.  We are able to harvest a bamboo grove every 3-4 years for fabric production, and it replaces itself naturally. Thats why we love it.” Fasone added.

4 year old Casualmere offers its embellished rhinestone panda and other shirts of 100% bamboo at http://www.casualmere.com.


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