What About Bamboo for Shirts?

Bamboo grove.

Bamboo grove.

Bamboo clothing is discussed and in demand worldwide.  What about bamboo, and this new-ish source for clothing?

It is estimated that currently about 155,000 square miles of the world surface is covered by bamboo, most of it in Asia. The fastest growing of plants, and a member of the grass family, this woody plant can grow in a variety of climates, from cold mountains to the tropics.

Bamboo is perhaps one of the best known plants in the world, especially beyond the U.S.   You have seen pictures, used bamboo in some form, or possibly eaten bamboo shoots at your local Chinese restaurant.  A dense bamboo grove not only makes a beautiful image, bamboo shoots and plants are also considered one of the main ingredients in several Asian cuisines.

Tiny bamboo plants are also used in many homes as indoor plants or for Fengshui benefits, and it is supposed to bring peace, prosperity, and harmony to ones home.
Bamboo is changing the way we look at Eco-friendly fashion.

100% bamboo long sleeve Casualmere® T-shirt

100% bamboo long sleeve Casualmere® T-shirt

Some Benefits of Bamboo Fabrics:  To enjoy wearing your luxury bamboo apparel, and if you look toward soft and comfortable fabrics for your clothing, then Bamboo fabric is the answer, especially 100% bamboo shirts. Softer than silk, cashmere, cotton, hemp or any other fabric alternative, bamboo fibers offer another advantage: it even seems to monitor your body temperature!

  1. Bamboo is better than cotton in terms of breathe-ability and elasticity.
  2. Bamboo uses far less color dye than other fabrics, and results in intense non-fade colors.
  3. Excellent as summer wear as well as workout clothes and layering in winter.
  4. Bamboo wicks moisture as perspiration very fast, prohibiting bacteria growth and the resulting odor.
  5. Bamboo fabric is washable in gentle cycle.
  6. Bamboo dries faster by four times than cotton, giving a continuous “fresh” feel.
  7. Bamboo is a fabric source that grows very quickly. up to 4 feet per day, and for some species, reaching over 40 feet in height.
  8. Bamboo is renewable, and because Bamboo is an extremely Eco-friendly fabric choice, bamboo fabric has struck a harmony with most Eco-fashion conscious people world wide.

Though rare, 100% bamboo shirts are at the top of this demand and satisfaction curve.

Bamboo grass and favoire diner (Photo Brett Hartwig/Getty Images)With Bamboo’s known rapid rate of growth, and the resulting large amount of biomass it generates, Bamboo provides a great deal more raw material per acre than any other crop, including forests.  This plant mass is more easily accessible and expandable than any other resource.

Growing Bamboo requires NO insecticides and their disturbing spraying by air, NO fertilizers and all it questionable chemicals, NO excessive watering (causing drought in so many underdeveloped countries trying to grow cotton), and NO annual soil disturbance through plowing.  And obviously it is not a petroleum by product!

The growth of Bamboo also produces approximately 150% more Oxygen as by-product of photosynthesis, than a comparable stand of trees.  Thus bamboo is a major player in the complicated but reliable green plant reduction of Carbon Dioxide and the addition of Oxygen into the air.

Golfing in a Casualmere® bamboo shirt

Golfing in a Casualmere® bamboo shirt

These benefits, and others, make Bamboo one of the most viable renewable resources in existence, for any use, not just bamboo T-shirts or fashion tops.. The beautiful bamboo grass does all this, without damaging the soil or the environment! Wow, can there be better way to keep the world a green planet?

Bamboo is processed via the viscose process and is labeled as either “rayon or viscose from bamboo”.


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