Wearing Black in Tropic Heat – Bamboo Tshirts Breathe and Wick

This is what’s known as an anecdote, a true, short, interesting story from experience:

My favorite clothing color is black, it has been ever since I read that it is ‘the’ power color…I’ve always considered it an ‘edge’.

So, when I got my first Casualmere bamboo knit T-shirts they were black.  Soon after, while vacationing on St. Maartin in the Caribbean, I wore my black bamboo knit on a day excursion exploring the island, lounging about, and dining.  The temperature was in the 90’s (F) and of course humid, with the classic trade winds breezes. 

At one point I was sitting at the beach waiting for my wife who was shopping and I realized I was wearing a black tee in the direct sun and heat and yet very comfortable and not sweaty…I realized the stories are true!  Bamboo breathes really well and wicks moisture.

casualmere all bamboo tshirt

Enjoying St. Maartin in an all bamboo t-shirt.

The next morning while sorting through my tees for clean vs. smelly I discovered that the black bamboo tee from yesterday did not smell!  At all!  …and I don’t glow, I sweat like most men.  The bamboo tee had transferred my body moisture away from my body and evaporated it so fast there had been no time for odor causing bacteria to grow.  I was a convert to bamboo shirts.

I wore the same shirt again and it was …like ‘fresh’!  Ever since I travel with my bamboo tees, having discovered that when packed they take less space than a cotton shirt and Casualmere® shirts always look good too.

I love my Olive-Grey color bamboo golf shirt too.

You should try a couple.


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Growing bamboo requires NO insecticides and NO fertilizers.

Growing bamboo requires NO insecticides and NO fertilizers.

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