1 Bamboo Shirt = Great Satisfaction for Many Reasons

Growing bamboo requires NO insecticides…global cotton growing consumes 25% of all insecticides produced…a set of facts that, alone, should make one want to take action and get some bamboo clothing in the closet.  There are more great features about growing bamboo…but first let’s consider bamboo products…shirts.

The enjoyable feel of bamboo’s softness against the skin is something everyone should experience!

The reason Casualmere® makes bamboo shirts is two-fold: We love the benefits…yes, benefits to the Earth…of growing bamboo AND we love the many excellent features of fabric from bamboo.

Bamboo fabric…

  • Breathes.
  • Wicks Body Moisture.
  • Is Washable.
  • Doesn’t Fade.
  • Luxurious.
  • Is great for hot weather coolness.B
  • Is great for cold weather layering.
  • Feels Great.

And then the additional features that make growing bamboo so…Earth sexy.

  • Growing Bamboo…
  • No Fertilizers
  • No excessive watering needs.
  • No annual soil disturbance.
  • Re-grows naturally for harvest in only 3 to 4 years.
  • Is the fastest growing land plant.
  • Needs no insecticides.
  • Converts 150% more carbon dioxide in to Oxygen that trees.

This is why Casualmere® uses all bamboo (100%) in its shirts…no cotton…no nothing else.

We make luxury shirts of all bamboo… that is what Casualmere means.


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