Bamboo Shirt in Luxury Button Down Style Now Available

Button down bamboo shirts of 100% Eco-fabric are now in stock.

We believe in making shirts from fabric sourced from all bamboo.  It’s best for the Earth as bamboo growth is like a massage for the Earth…it requires NO insecticides, NO fertilizers, NO excessive watering, and converts over 150% more carbon dioxide to oxygen than trees do.

All bamboo

All bamboo

So you can understand our enthusiasm for bamboo.

In addition the fabric is GREAT feeling, breathes for cool comfort, wicks body moisture away from the body naturally, and is washable too.

1600 Cobalt Blue Bamboo Shirt

Bamboo woven fabric in our upcoming button down shirts is a luxury fabric to be compared to silk in luxury…however…it feels much better and is actually more rich in appearance.


Be one of the first to be able to get our wonderful Casualmere® shirts.

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