All Bamboo Shirts to Layer – Stay Warm and Comfortable

It’s Fall and  Winter lurks! …Be ready to layer your sweaters with a  Casualmere® bamboo top, you will be amazed at the comfort…and warmth… even though Casualmere feels light weight.  Insulation depends on the air layers between the elements and your body …Casualmere is the most comfortable layer…skin friendly layer …in the softest fabric …you will have in your wardrobe.

Our shirts breathe and wick body moisture as a bonus.

Royal Blue Long sleeve T-shirt

Royal Blue Long sleeve all bamboo T-shirt from Casualmere.

You won’t find Casualmere® on sale at department stores or discount stores …we don’t sell to them …Casualmere® tops are basics and never marked down.  Their value is timeless. Our shirts are all (100%) of viscose from bamboo.

Casualmere women's scoop neck top

Casualmere women’s scoop neck top

Casualmere® is excellent for travel for all the reasons above as well as the fact it packs so compactly you can go for a week and still just use a roll-on bag.  You will love them.  Spend time vacationing …or getting on with your business trip…instead of waiting at a baggage carousel.

Watch for our new men’s button down woven shirts coming very soon.


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