ClimateScope2014 – Study of Green Efforts Globally – Very Interesting

ClimateScope 2014A recognized and detailed study called Climatescope 2014 is available on line and worth a read if you care about Global alternative power progress…it is mind blowing, in a good way, for the Earth!

As of now, the 55 countries Climatescope looked at have implemented over 450 measures somehow related to renewables, along with 359 total policies aimed directly at supporting clean energy — and of the latter, almost half were passed between 2012 and 2013 alone.

In Africa alone, the International Energy Agency projects that green energy — including hydroelectric — will supply half of Africa’s new power generation by 2040.  Another recent BNEF report showed the continent is already on track to add more renewable energy in 2014 alone than it’s brought online in the last 14 years.

In order to illustrate how significant half of Africa’s 50% clean energy generation could be, we are attaching an Africa continental map demonstrating its actual size …in relation to other countries.  We found it amazing…!!

Africa Map - True Size

Africa Map – True Size

The ClimateScope report is 214 pages long including methodology so it’s quite a reading effort.  It includes breakdowns on Green Power efforts in Asia, Africa, and Latin America including the Caribbean.

Why should you care abut these other countries? 

Two overwhelmingly good reasons: one, efforts there effect our U.S. climate and Earth health and the lives of our grandchildren and their children…two, many political ignoramuses here keep opining “Why should the U.S. worry about clean energy when China and third world countries are yet to fully abuse fossil fuel use.”  Actually…They aren’t.  They are making huge efforts to by-pass or mitigate fossil fuel abuse.

Solar Array in S. Africa.

Solar Array in S. Africa.

If you are a China hater, you will find this report embarrassing to you.  China’s efforts and awareness of climate change problems are staggering.  They are …at the same time… trying to guide the growth of their middle-class with its power demands and making huge, huge, investments is renewable power.  The air in Beijing, China’s capital, is a daily reminder to them to solve the problem…now.  They are making huge investments to do just that, according to this report.   India too.

We plan to post more excerpts from this report in coming days, so subscribe, or like us for some very pertinent information that will effect the lives of your progeny.

Thanks to Climate Progress for turning us on to this information.

Why do we care?  Well, we don’t want to leave an ash heap for our (our your) offspring.  Casualmere tries do our little part by advocating for Green, and making All bamboo shirts from Eco-Earth-friendly bamboo grass. (You can read about bamboo’s Earth friendly attributes in several of our previous blogs.


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