Bamboo Growth Yields 10X ( ten times) the Usable Fiber as Cotton – We Make Bamboo Shirts

Bamboo shirts - Growing bamboo requires NO insecticides and NO fertilizers.

Growing bamboo requires NO insecticides and NO fertilizers.

Consider …50 acres of cotton only produces 1/10 (ten times less) usable cotton than 50 acres of bamboo.  AND bamboo requires NO insecticides, NO fertilizers, NO excessive watering, and NO annual soil disturbance (tilling and plowing). 

Interestingly cotton growing uses about 20% (likely more) of all the insecticide chemicals produced world-wide each year.  Bamboo…none used…chemical fertilizers either.

This is one of the reasons Casualmere makes shirts from 100% bamboo…no cotton.

All Bamboo Shirt, button down style, long sleeve.

All Bamboo Shirt, button down style, long sleeve.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant (kelp is an algae) and regrows itself after harvesting NATURALLY in only 3-4 years.  …We make bamboo shirts…T’s and button downs.

And a big reason we use bamboo is that it makes beautiful fabric, either knitted in T-shirts or woven into button-down dress shirts.  Bamboo fabric is soft, elegant in appearance, breathes for comfort in any weather, wicks body moisture extremely fast thus impeding the growth of odor causing bacteria, and it is washable.  WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE?

Bamboo shirts cost more than cotton shirts for two reasons; bamboo farmers are not subsidized by U.S. taxpayers as cotton growers have been for years, AND bamboo products are subject to considerably high import tariffs.  (Bamboo fiber is not processed in the U.S. yet) So the only fair price comparison is comparing luxury cotton shirts (or fine organic cotton shirts) to bamboo shirts…which are luxury shirts by definition. 

all bamboo shirt

All bamboo

Our new button-down dress and casual 100% bamboo T-shirts exude the look of luxury.  They make the wearer feel exceptional, and our fashionable subtle collar embroidery on button-downs identifies one as a Casualmere 100% bamboo wearer…like a designer or athletic logo…only its Eco.

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