Bamboo Shirts are Luxury and Eco-Friendliest Best.

All Bamboo Shirt, button down style, long sleeve.

All Bamboo Shirt, button down style, long sleeve.

Because we love the facts that bamboo is:

  • The fastest growing land plant.
  • Produces 10x the mass of cotton for an equal growing area.
  • Renews itself for harvesting naturally in only 3-4 years.
  • Requires NO fertilizers and NO pesticides to grow.
  • Produces an extremely soft fabric, that is washable, skin friendly, and elegant.
  • Bamboo converts 150% more carbon dioxide into oxygen than trees.
all bamboo shirt

All bamboo

…So Casualmere® makes shirts from 100% bamboo as our source.

If one searches for bamboo clothing internationally you will find the U.S. fairly far down the list.  A national infrastructure that subsidizes cotton financially has hindered widespread awareness of bamboo fabric’s appeal, and the Eco friendliness of bamboo as a fabric source.

Yes, raw bamboo is treated in a viscose process to get fiber, but that process is contained and uses lye, which is a common yet carefully overseen chemical.  In the pantheon of fiber production bamboo is hugely Eco desirable over petroleum based polyester and most commercial cotton.  The bottom-line being bamboo fabric is an Eco and Luxury fabric to be compared to silk in quality, not cotton or wool or polyester.

Long Sleeve Casualmere knit T-shirt

Long Sleeve Casualmere knit T-shirt

Casualmere offers only 100% bamboo sourced shirts.  The first developed products were knit T-shirts for women and men in a jersey (smooth) knit which one can find at where we ship your orders Free.  We also make men’s button-front (or button-up) woven shirts in our mini-herringbone twill fabric for a luxury shirt.

Please be aware of bamboo as a great fiber to be next to your skin and give it a try in your wardrobe.


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