Waddaya Call That Shirt? Button UP? Button FRONT? …What?

Button UP?  Button FRONT?  Button DOWN?

WOVEN shirt? KNIT shirt? DRESS shirt?

What do you say or enter when ordering or searching a shirt?

What do we enter when we want to tell you we make sustainable Eco-friendly ones? Here is a guide.

Bamboo shirt in Pale Yellow color, 100% bamboo fabric from Casualmere

Bamboo shirt in Pale Yellow color, 100% bamboo fabric from Casualmere

This is a WOVEN shirt.  It is also known as a button FRONT shirt.  And it is a DRESS shirt too.  Many call it a button UP shirt. ( I guess those of us that start buttoning from the neck don’t call it a button DOWN…a button DOWN traditionally refers to a collar with buttons.  Slightly confusing, yes?

Briefly the WOVEN description refers to the fabric, which is constructed in a more rigid manner than a t-shirt type fabric which is KNIT.  So DRESS shirts are WOVEN.  And ‘button UP’ shirts are usually woven too.  And of course button FRONT shirts are usually woven, but occasionally you will see a knit one.

Why should you care?  Well KNITS (t-shirts and golf shirts mostly) don’t usually need to be ironed after washing to avoid wrinkles.  But WOVEN shirts do, mostly, unless the wrinkled look is your preference.  We hope you don’t wear Polyester shirts, but if you do they are the ‘wrinkle free’ or ‘no iron’ WOVEN shirts…made from petroleum based Polyester fabric…which we hope you don’t ever (or rarely) buy…from our Eco-aware, bamboo loving, point of view.

Men's V-Neck T-shirt in 100% bamboo from Casualmere

Men’s V-Neck T-shirt in 100% bamboo from Casualmere

If you’re still confused, here is an image of a KNIT shirt, our V-neck T-shirt.  Of course it is made of 100% bamboo, sometimes known as viscose from bamboo.  After you wash our KNIT T-shirts, which are a luxury knit fabric, you should hang them to dry, and then fold to store…this will avoid wrinkles.  And so you know…T-shirts and golf shirts are PULLOVERS, they don’t open in the front.



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