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Wearing Black in Tropic Heat – Bamboo Tshirts Breathe and Wick

This is what’s known as an anecdote, a true, short, interesting story from experience: My favorite clothing color is black, it has been ever since I read that it is ‘the’ power color…I’ve always considered it an ‘edge’. So, when … Continue reading

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Good News about Long Sleeve Bamboo shirts

Not only is bamboo the most Eco-friendly source for clothing, it results in wonderful, functional fabric. Growing bamboo requires NO excessive watering, and NO annual soil disturbance, and of course NO fertilizers, and NO insecticides. Bamboo knit shirts are perfect … Continue reading

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Rhinestone Panda Embellishments Now On Casualmere 100% Bamboo Shirts

Las Vegas based Casualmere 100% bamboo shirts announced their new embellished women’s shirts featuring a rhinestone Panda holding a bamboo stalk, now available on their web site for unique holiday gifting. “The panda is an iconic image usually associated … Continue reading

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