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Stunning image – walking trees

The locals say some palm trees in Bolivia grow legs and walk to find more sunlight. Standing on stilts, Madidi’s “walking” trees, at right, appear to move as their shadyside roots wither. The palms may need strong root structures to … Continue reading

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Stunning Earth view Toad River Valley, Canada

National Geographic Magazine – Like curtains drawn across the landscape, the walls of the Toad River Valley yield to un-tracked forests and pure lakes in northeastern British Columbia. Years of compromise and careful planning defined the enormous Muskwa-Kechika Management Area … Continue reading

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350 ft. high Redwood Trees, Northern California

An Earth “Must See”. Partway up a 350-foot tree, botanist Marie Antoine (at right) passes a slender core sample of its wood—750 years of redwood biography—to canopy ecologist Giacomo Renzullo. Research now shows that the older such trees get, the … Continue reading

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