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Waddaya Call That Shirt? Button UP? Button FRONT? …What?

Button UP?  Button FRONT?  Button DOWN? WOVEN shirt? KNIT shirt? DRESS shirt? What do you say or enter when ordering or searching a shirt? What do we enter when we want to tell you we make sustainable Eco-friendly ones? Here … Continue reading

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1 Bamboo Shirt = Great Satisfaction for Many Reasons

Growing bamboo requires NO insecticides…global cotton growing consumes 25% of all insecticides produced…a set of facts that, alone, should make one want to take action and get some bamboo clothing in the closet.  There are more great features about growing … Continue reading

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Wearing Black in Tropic Heat – Bamboo Tshirts Breathe and Wick

This is what’s known as an anecdote, a true, short, interesting story from experience: My favorite clothing color is black, it has been ever since I read that it is ‘the’ power color…I’ve always considered it an ‘edge’. So, when … Continue reading

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