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Beautiful bamboo – Our Fav and Our Source

We are pro-bamboo prejudiced, obviously, but we love this bamboo image of the source of our 100% bamboo fabric, Casualmere®. On the chance you have not been following us close enough, we use bamboo as a Eco-friendly fabric source because … Continue reading

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AP – Water Tainted with Explosive Methane and Cancer-Causing Benzene – Frack!

HOUSTON (AP) 86 groups from 12 states sent a letter to the EPA’s inspector general, Arthur Elkins, asking that he widen an existing investigation into the agency’s actions. They cited an Associated Press report indicating the agency had scientific evidence … Continue reading

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Stunning image – walking trees

The locals say some palm trees in Bolivia grow legs and walk to find more sunlight. Standing on stilts, Madidi’s “walking” trees, at right, appear to move as their shadyside roots wither. The palms may need strong root structures to … Continue reading

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